Letter From the President 

Thank you for taking the time to look at our website and getting just a little taste of what being a Sigma Kappa is like. We hope to soon show you how sweet it is to be a Sig Kap! 
Deciding to go through formal recruitment was the best decision I could have ever made. Joining Sigma Kappa has opened me up to so many more opportunities throughout my college career. The biggest opportunity I’ve had would be meeting the wonderful ladies that I have the pleasure of calling my sisters. Through all the ups and downs, I know I will always have someone to fall back on. I have met my best friends, bridesmaids, and maid of honor all thanks to this wonderful sisterhood. 

Being a Sigma Kappa is more than just being part of a sorority. Mixers, sporting events, sisterhoods, and philanthropy events are just a few parts that make up the life of a Sigma Kappa. Being involved is a very important aspect for my sisters and I. You might find us playing intramural sports, being part of Student government, or even being an Orientation Leader. There are many things a person can do in this life, and Sigma Kappa has encouraged me to try and do everything. 

“To become truly great, one has to stand with sisters, not above them,” is a truly accurate quote about our sisterhood. My sisters are always there to help me reach the next level in whatever it is I may be doing. They never bring me down because we all have mutual love and respect for each other. When one sister succeeds, we all do. It is such an honor to serve as President for an amazing group of women who only want what is best for each other.

Thanks again for checking out our page and I hope that you too get the opportunity to have an amazing college experience just like I am. All thanks to these wonderful ladies I call sisters! 
Sigma Love and Mine,


Tara Pence